Vastu For Home

Vastu for selection of plot:
Vastu advice is essential while selecting a plot, be it a residential or a commercial vastu. The selection of the land is the primary stage, hence it is very crucial. If one gets a vastu positive plot, he shall be able to enjoy a prosperous life. In a positive vastu plot, the building is constructed very fast and without any hindrances whereas the negative plot first takes years to construct, it has multiple litigation and monetary problems and causes lot of health, wealth and harmony related problems in the life of owner. It is non but your vastu consultant who saves from such indecent happenings.

Vastu for Main gate:
The main gate is known to be the opening or the mouth of a house. The main gate should be located in one of the any opening of a SWASTIK or Saatiya (a symbol of lord Ganesha) made imaginary on the plot. This plays a vital role in Vastu science.

Vastu for entrance door:
Quite similar to the main gate in the boundary wall, the entrance door vastu also plays a vital role in defining the comforts and discomforts of the inmates living in the abode. If the internal doors of each bedroom, kitchen, toilets, store, staircase, etc. shall be in a vastu-positive area, then all the members shall enjoy good health and career growth in the house. So it is a must to take the vastu guidelines from a good vastu adviser who shall define the entry-doors of each room.

Vastu for windows:
The total number of windows also plays a vital part in deciding vastu factors emphasizing on the inlets of positive cosmic vibrations and at the same time - blocking of the negative energies. Similarly Vastu for windows is also an important topic in Vedic Vastu shastra because windows are the part of a building that can receive various types of energies in the form of air, light, sun rays, freshness & view etc. Hence it should be decided at the time of making drawings for exterior walls and managing natural lights arrangements for each area, especially Pooja place & all the retiring or bedrooms.

Vastu for bedroom:
Vastu is a detailed science that speaks about the bedroom of each person living in the house. For example, the seniors should be placed in the Nairutya direction of the house located in south-west direction. Similarly other should also sleep in their Vastu defined area only.

Vastu for drawing room:
This is the key area where the family members pass some time together and discuss various happenings of the day. Not only the above, this is the place where all of us re-charge the fuel of life to our body. So if the food shall be positive, we shall have the positive health.

Vastu for Pooja room:
Pooja place or worship place for home carries the utmost value to define the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual status of all the inmates living in the abode. We get peace of mind from a positive or Sakaratmak Pooja place.

Vastu for toilets:
The toilets should be away from the residence, but in today's scenario, it has entered into our house and gradually set adjacent to our bedrooms. It is a negative vibration part of a house, hence one should be much careful while building a toilet in the house. Ensure that it should be in the negative directions of the premises located in southern or western sectors.

Vastu for guest room:
We expect the regard and value from our formal and informal society. So we need to arrange the guest room in such a manner that the outsides, our relatives and friends admire us and give us due regards. Not only the above, the guest while staying at our house should remain cheerful, happy, contended and relaxed at our home. Therefore the guest room should also be made positive with the help of detailed guidelines explained hereafter.

Vastu for kitchen:
The kitchen is a place where the source of our life-positive energy is cooked for whole of the family. The food be cooked good for everyone's health, then kitchen matters. Its direction, location & internal positioning & placement like Sink, Slab, Gas stove, facing, Fridge, Washing Machine etc. all are of high importance, says Vastu consultant Yogesh Panchal.

Vastu for dining room:
After kitchen it is the tern of dining room or dining area. Have it in the upper fine directions as mentioned in Vastu science which locates in East then comes the turn of other directions. Yes, the face of members sitting on the dining table is also equally important. Always face towards positive directions while eating the food. It shall count in your health.

Vastu for study room:
Being one of the most auspicious area of a house, it should be placed in Ishaan corner. It can be in West also but one can face the positive directions very easily. There are certain good points to ponder upon in Vastu for study, so do give full attention to them.

Vastu for store room:
Being an important but ignored part of each house, it requires much attention. It should be constructed in south-west so that it gives the stability. But never forget to maintain the proper cleanliness to your store room. It should be maintained neat and clean on regular basis. There should be no Pooja place in a store.

Vastu for Lockers/Safe:
If an almirah is used to keep money, cash, valuable, gold, shares, property related papers and documents etc., it should be north or east oriented in such a way that it keeps on inviting the prosperity. So proper follow-up of Vastu India is needed. Keep it positive.

Vastu for dressing room:
Dressing room adds to enhance our personality, look and commands over the subordinates. It adds up to enhance the overall performance. It helps promoting our cultural traits. Our liking, disliking and social status is reflected with it. Hence it should be made as per Vastu so that it fills with positive vibrations.

Vastu for TV room:
TV room is a place of entertainment. It should be placed away from a stable corner, i.e. not in west & south. If one uses a good big size screen it can be on the front walls located in north & east, but for old fashioned TV (box type) it has to be place away from these directions, but not adjacent to your bed.