Consulting Vastu - An Overview

Vastu is a universal term used to explain a set of cosmic and earthy energies required for the health, wealth, peace and prosperity, needed for all the inmates living in the abode. In terms of building biology, Vastu Shastra speaks of receiving a number of positive vibes in the house. On the other hand, if a house, shop, factory, shopping mall, restaurant, industry or similar other premises receive and accumulate negative vibrations, it may result into harms manifolds to the human being.

Vastu's concern with other suble energy sciences: Vastu & Astrology are interconnected Shastra. Astrological definition of Vastu certainly helps us, but at the same time astrology slightly complicates the subject & make it more difficult. So pure vastu is easy to understand. Vastu is the combination of two Sanskrit words i.e. 'Vas' plus 'Astu'. Here 'Vas' means to live & 'Astu' means "in this way". Shastra means knowledge. Therefore Vastu Shastra is a collection of written guidelines defining the way of living for all mankind on this earth. Vastu knowledge took place in India in Vedic (Vaidic Era), i.e. thousands of years back. Needless to say that India has deep details of Indian vastu. Even in ancient times, bedroom vastu in hindu mythology and Hinduism was of great importance and pointing direction of head while lying on the bed was well known to every one.

Yogesh Panchal is a vastu consultants . who can sense all the subtle energies in and around any premises. As a vastu consultant he is an eminent personality defining easy vastu remedies and vastu advice. According to him vastu entrance plays a vital role in our growth. His vastu services contain vastushastra throwing light on vastu north, vastu south, vastu east and vastu west facing residential and commercials.